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vegetable oil machine


Product Description

1. Flow chart of vegetable seed oil processing machine

Oilseeds→Materials dosing →Magnetic separation→Cleaning→crusher→flaker→ Extrusion Puffing →Counter-current drying→To leaching plant

2. Pretreatment process of vegetable seed oil processing machine


a. Cleaning device:  To remove various impurities in oilseeds.

b. Crushing machine:  Oilseeds are crushed into 6-8 pieces. In order to meet the requirements of crushing, the peanut is suitable for crushing with the moisture of 7% to 12%.


c. Softening Process:  The purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of oil, and make it soft.


d. Flaking process:  Rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increase surface area, destroy the peanut cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters for vegetable seed oil processing machine


Steam consumption  ≤ 300Kg/T oil
Bleaching earth  1-3Kg/T oil
Power consumption  ≤ 22KWH/T oil
Fuel consumption  10-20Kg/T oil
Oil content in waste white clay  ≤ 23%
Phosphoric consumption  0.5-1Kg/T oil
Soft water consumption  ≤ 160Kg/H