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peanut oil press


eanut oil press nutritional value:

peanut oil press Peanut oil,it is light yellow transparent, bright color, smell fragrance, taste delicious, is a relatively easy to digest edible oil. Peanut oil contains more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids (including oleic acid 41.2%, linoleic acid 37.6%). It also contains 19.9% of saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid. Peanut oil fatty acid composition is relatively good, easy to digest and absorb the body.

According to statistics, the use of peanut oil through peanut oil press, can make the human body cholesterol into bile acid and excreted, thereby reducing the plasma cholesterol levels. In addition, peanut oil also contains sterols, wheatgrass, phospholipids, vitamin E, choline and other beneficial substances on the human body.

peanut oil press with oil extraction rete:

Oil press equipment on the peanut oil extraction rate is also affected. Good oil extraction equipment 0.5Kg peanuts can squeeze 0.2Kg peanut oil.

peanut oil press:

If the self-extraction peanut oil from the oil material is selected peanut with the shell, then in general, remove the shell and remove the dregs, the general oil extraction rate is 40-50%, according to a liter of peanut oil .06 Kg calculation is required 1.8-2.Kg Peanuts, of course, high quality peanut oil prices will be high.

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If oil material is peanut meant,in general, 1Kg peanuts can be squeezed out of 0.5Kg peanut oil, of course, the oil extraction rate and the quality of peanuts quality and the machine quality are related.

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